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Mindfulness Meditation: Your Passport to Optimal Health

Our last post highlighted how  mental capabilities can be improved with Mindfulness Meditation. Mindfulness meditation has tremendous benefits and it is  becoming widespread in schools and hospitals. According to US Today, many hospitals  are now teaching mindfulness meditation to patients to relieve stress and pain. Research also suggests that  the practice can alleviate  pain, improve concentration, boost  immune function, lower blood pressure,reduce anxiety and insomnia, and even help prevent depression.


With all these benefits, you may be wondering how Mindfulness meditation can boost your health. Mindfulness meditation among all the numerous benefits serves to reduce stress and there lies an unbroken link between Stress and Illness.  Many people complain of  body aches, pain, head aches, high blood pressure and its presenting symptoms and are quick to take self medications or visit the doctor without knowing that the symptoms they feel  are stress induced. With a whooping 75 % of doctor visits considered as being stress related, let us examine the relation between stress and illness.

Stress and Illness

Stress occurs when one is faced with a situation that proves difficult to manage.  When  you can’t manage the stressful situation or feel that you can’t meet the demands of that situation, your body goes into a  fight or flight response which triggers muscle tension,  increase in blood pressure, and heart rate and release of stress hormones. These responses increase the demands placed on the organs of the body and reduces the efficiency of  the immune system while giving room for infections and diseases especially when the body is continuously presented with stressful situations.

How stress leads to illness

Thus, stress can not only your  affect your emotional health leading to anxiety disorders and depression but it can also be injurious to your physical well being.Research has revealed that several  health problems are associated with stress as  stress seems to worsen or increase the risk of health conditions like obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, gastrointestinal problems (ulcer), and asthma. Stress also fast tracks the aging process by 7 to 19 years .

So STRESS LESS today and enjoy the many benefits of Mindfulness Meditation which include:

  • ¨ Reduced stress levelsrelaxing-nature-scenes
  • ¨ Boosted Immunity
  • ¨ Lowered blood pressure and heart rate
  • ¨ Reduced depression and anxiety
  • ¨ Improved sleep and digestion
  • ¨ Increase in energy levels
  • ¨ Pain reduction
  • ¨ Decreased inflammation

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