Mobile Health Consult

A refreshing experience begins here……


Mobile Health Consult (MHC)  is your one stop passport to mental, physical and emotional well being.

Utilizing a number of scientific treatment modalities, we offer you solutions to different  conditions like anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, learning difficulties, high blood pressure,chronic pain, headaches and migraines  anger and rage management, phobia, post traumatic stress disorders. Our services include a number of the following:

  • Developmental assessments for children
  • Assessment and consultancy Dyslexia
  • Psychotherapy for children and adults with emotional, behaviour and social problems
  • Biofeedback and Neurofeedback training for children and adults
  • Audio-visual entrainment
  • Peak Performance Training
  • Educational Kinesiology/Brain Gym
  • Counseling
  • Virtual Therapy program
  • Heart Rate Variability Training
  • Cognitive Enhancement Training

On this site you will learn the key to mastering your mind and  body for maximum health and optimal performance.

We are a team  of professional psychologists, passionate about harnessing tools  and techniques that will improve your lifestyle and health.

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