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More Reasons to Celebrate!

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MHC at 6

 “My joy as a parent is unexplainable as my autistic son’s overall functioning has taken a whole new form since commencement of therapy sessions at Mobile Health Consult. His passion for cognitive tasks is like never before! His attention span is amazing! This has brought so much hope for my family as we are nothing short of optimistic about my our dear son’s future. Truly, you have turned my son’s disability into ability. Thank you so much.

-Mom of autistic son.

When I discovered my daughter’s neurodevelopmental disorder, I felt helpless and hoped to wish it all away but after undergoing therapy as recommended, my daughter now rocks her extra chromosome with confidence. She continues to be a marvel to everyone around her! Thanks to Mobile Health Consult.

-Mom of child with Down syndrome.

 Our daughter’s difficulties at home and at school had taken its toll on us all. We almost gave up on her until we had a once in a life time opportunity to meet with Dr. Jimoh. Her therapy sessions have been more than refreshing as she is a totally transformed teenager. We are so grateful because her wellbeing has impacted on all of us at home and we are excited about that!”

-Parents of child with behavioural/emotional difficulties.

 My son’s speech delay caused a lot of panic when he was still yet to speak his first words at 5 years of age. Thanks to Mobile Health Consult, his speech has continued to progress steadily. We are so grateful.

-Mom of child with speech delay.

I remember how much sadness I experienced when I learned that my son had a learning difficulty. I was in denial for so long until I finally encountered Mobile Health Consult. Neurofeedback therapy as well as other therapy techniques have proved efficient as my son’s attitude to learning is completely changed, he is more sociable and confident as well. I am so proud of him!

-Mother of child with learning difficulty.

 Our son’s improvement continues to baffle us. Prior to therapy, he was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. His symptoms are currently adequately managed with recommended therapy techniques from Mobile Health Consult. Thanks for introducing us to your non-drug approach to treatment.

-Parents of child diagnosed with ADHD.

 Dealing with depression really got the best of me for a long time until I commenced therapy sessions at Mobile Health Consult. Through therapy, I have become more mindful and I have a good understanding of my triggers and how to deal with depressive symptoms. I am so glad to say that I have my life back! Thank you so much Doctor.

-Woman diagnosed with depression.

 Mobile Health Consult has set my son on the right path after years of struggling with substance abuse. He is more deliberate about his choices now and aspires to excel in life. Thank you.

-Father of young adult with substance abuse.

… Hurray! We are celebrating 6 years of providing innovative non-drug/non-invasive Psychological services to individuals across all age groups.

These are just a few testimonials from our clients and this gives us more reasons to celebrate!

To our esteemed clients, we say a big thank you! As we celebrate 6 awesome years this month, enjoy 6 life transforming FREE gifts from all of us at Mobile Health Consult.

Feel free to download and share with others.

Happy 6th year anniversary to us!

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African American mother bonding with baby boy

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Author: mhcbiofeedback

Dr. Morayo Jimoh, a Chartered Educational Psychologist, is also a neurofeedback therapist in private practice. She obtained a Doctoral degree in the field of Psychology of Education from University of South Africa (UNISA). She is a member of the following associations: 1. Association for Applied psychophysiology and Biofeedback (AAPB); 2. International Society for Neurofeedback and Research (ISNR); and 3. American Psychological Association (APA). 4. British Psychological Society 5. Psychological Society of South Africa Her field of interest is neuropsychological learning disabilities in children. Dr. Morayo Jimoh is a lecturer in Child Development in the Department of Early Childhood Education and Development under Distance learning at University of South Africa.

One thought on “More Reasons to Celebrate!

  1. We celebrate with Mobile Health Consult on your 6 years practice in a field quite new to most Nigerians. Most people have suffered helplessly, running from one miracle healer to another to find solution to their predicament. Thanks to Mobile Health Consult.

    Please find a way of reaching the rural and uneducated populace through the mass media.


    From Grandpa & Grandma.

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